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When asked what is Grantcoin, it is a digital currency designed to create a dedicated funding stream and loyal customer base for socially and environmentally responsible businesses. However, to give the Bitcoin community a more in-depth view of it, we spoke with Brandon Venetta, Co-Founder of Grantcoin. Coin News: Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a journey, can you tell […]

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Bitcoin continues to rise as an integral and sustainable part of the economy. When it comes to Bitcoin adoption, most of the money is flowing freely through Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, and OKCoin has been innovating with a superwallet, OKLink, to harness that competitive edge. Since it entered its beta testing phase last April, OKLink has been an integral connection between […]

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With a majority of the population still unbanked, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) has decided to turn its eyes on the advancements in the financial technology sector in their implications in the banking industry in general. The FinTech industry is a bustling one with the fine integration of the tech and financial sectors and now […]

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There are many Bitcoin news portals, and one of the players in these resources is NewsBTC. I had the chance to speak with its CEO, Jonathan Millet, to discuss his aims and highlights in mounting this Bitcoin site. Jay-R Gatdula:  Hi, Jonathan. Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a journey– what led you to be interested in Bitcoin and come […]

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The great free Wi-Fi revolution has begun. It began in the streets of New York, where 10,000 phone booths have been converted to Wi-Fi pylons – a project by a Google startup, Sidewalk Labs. Now, with Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google, the search engine giant is now bringing free internet to India. India has been a calm incubator […]

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Hello Markets is a financial solutions company with offices in Cyprus, Hong Kong, and London that provides white-label platforms to the online trading markets. And now, it has officially said its “hello” to bitcoin with a new agreement with Coinify, a Danish Bitcoin solution provider. In addition, the company hopes that through cryptocurrency, the company can position itself strategically in […]

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There has been many triumphant companies in the BBVA. Spain’s second major bank has held the contest in Mexico City early September and with lots of fintech-focused companies from all over Latin America to take part in the competition. BitNexo, Chile’s premier fintech startup, has been named the winner of BBVA’s Open Talent 2015 content for Latin America. Everledger, a […]

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Bitcoin transactions between the Philippines and Canada are on the rising trend due to an accumulative request for substitute remittance services. Overseas workers who are economically supporting their relatives are supporting the growth of the highly-evolving sector. The umbrella Bitcoin company Satoshi Citadel Industries’ Rebit.ph has partnered with California-based worldwide business network and monetary transfer platform, ZipZap, to enable Filipino […]

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There’s an interesting insight on the possible reasons why the idea of decentralisation of money has gained friction over the past couple of years. What ignites its relevance to an age of drastic and fragile transition to digital forms? Apart from the technicalities and advantages of the use of asymmetric cryptography to substitute the way we transact articles of trade, […]

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The issue spins around Bitcoin’s potential for versatility. Right now, the crypto-cash remains moderately specialty; it has a dynamic and developing client base, yet in no way, shape or form the sort of capital or use a store money appreciates. On the off chance that Bitcoin were ever to be embraced by even two or three billion individuals, the system […]

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