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Once again, cryptocurrency is being used in bad light as the blackmailers, which assaulted Ashley Madison dating stage, requested a man from Auckland to pay about $450 in bitcoin for not sharing his record points of interest. Ashley Madison is an internet dating site dispatched in Canada in 2001. Starting 2015, the site, which is focused at wedded individuals, pulls […]

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Bitcoin price just dropped 15%. It gradually drew nearer the 1-day outline moving midpoints, as though to close the downdraft, and after that dive to the bolster floor. It slammed from $250 to $163 on Bitcoin trade BitFinex. The drop in the USD/BTC exchange was immediately reflected on other Bitcoin exchanges. Cost is at present exchanging around our auxiliary focus […]

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BitX continues to swim in Asian waters as it establishes a partnership with Singapore-based alternative payments gateway provider Codapay to offer Bitcoin transactions in Southeast Asia. Due to this alliance, Coda is the first mercantile in the area to accept digital currencies for online purchases. “We’re seeing tremendous growth in Bitcoin activity in Southeast Asia and we believe that Bitcoin […]

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Japanese police had captured Mark Karpeles on Saturday. Mark Karpeles, is being held regarding the loss of bitcoins worth $387m last February. Karpeles is the CEO of the fizzled Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange, one of the claiming he had swelled his trade account through hacking in for spendable dough, an embarrassment that severely harmed the notoriety of the virtual online […]

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This year, Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab has been vigorously concentrating on offering chances to new companies to work with worldwide banks and budgetary foundations, and empower the new businesses to actualize their innovation inside of the banks’ bases and existing frameworks, to improve operations and to bolster its customers. A Bitcoin startup Hong Kong-based Bitspark has been one of the […]

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Established in 2013, BitX gives a mixed bag of Bitcoin related administrations including Bitcoin wallets, a Bitcoin exchange, and a Bitcoin business incorporation. Centered in South East Asia, Bitcoin startup BitX has raised $4 million Series A in a round drove by South existing speculator Digital Currency Group. The organisation has as its expectations to make “cash frictionless and all […]

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With regards to installment, Bitcoin Asia is as yet deficient behind time when contrasted with its Western counterpart. Visa utilization specifically is to a great degree low, and prepaid conveyance for Apple and Google Vouchers is still not accessible in many nations in the district. This makes the buying of virtual merchandise troublesome for users. In any case, e-installment arrangements, […]

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One of the offerings of Argentina to the Bitcoin community is SatoshiTango. This startup proves to be a player and a believer in the cryptocurrency movement. I had the chance to speak with Matías Bari to talk more about expansion plans and of course the potential of Bitcoin in the industry. Jay-R Gatdula: Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a […]

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While Bitcoin has had negative criticism in Japan taking after the breakdown of the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange a year ago, the arrangement is a positive one getting up and go for the cryptocurrency in the nation. It’s an intriguing arrangement for Singapore based Quoine Pte. Ltd. who has been beforehand known for its Bitcoin exchanging platform and hasn’t already done […]

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With the advancement of alternative cryptocurrencies out there and its potential for renewable energy and environmental preservation comes Solarcoin. I had a lengthy talk with François Sonnet, member of the Solarcoin Foundation to discuss the fine details regarding this cryptocurrency. Jay-R Gatdula: Fine day, François. Let’s talk a bit about Solarcoin. I’m fairly curious as to what this cryptocurrency is. […]

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