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jubise-8933835This is the second part of the special coverage of Jubise Casino, with an exclusive statement by Artem Stryzov, Marketing Director. You may read the first part of the coverage here.

Bitcoin On Focus

While Bitcoins have become a central part of our strategy, we do not want to undermine our players that prefer playing with a fiat currency. These are two different markets that are both complex and important to us.

Bitcoin would need to become a more stable currency and less vulnerable to fluctuations on the market. I also think that a key for Bitcoin to spread would be to have more Bitcoin payment processors available so it becomes easier for people to collect and spend Bitcoins.
I am confident Bitcoin has the potential to become a mainstream currency, and I am happy that Jubise is now among the brands to pioneer its use.

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I think Bitcoin will continue fluctuating for some time; however, its price will average $255-$290 per Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin presents a fantastic opportunity in certain markets, particularly for those who become pioneers in using this currency. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

The Asian Market

We are indeed currently expanding our presence on the Asian market. There are already many Bitcoin users in Asia, and we expect the Asian Bitcoin market to continue growing.

Having started our journey in 2014, we are a new brand on the market, and our greatest accomplishment to date has been gaining rapid recognition in most European countries. I hope our next great accomplishment will be getting similar results while expanding in the Asian market.

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I believe more and more governments are starting to recognise Bitcoin as a legitimate currency. While some countries are trying to implement restrictions, others are loosening them. I generally think the trend goes in the direction of the currency gaining more acceptance.

We are really looking forward to continue the great work we have been doing over the months and excited to see where our recent Bitcoin implementation will take us. We are looking forward to strike partnerships with Bitcoin affiliates and grow in this exciting market.

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