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Bitcoin Press Release: On August 3rd 2015, the FinTech conference Keynote2015 will be landing in Los Angeles tounpack distributed ledgers – the tech behind bitcoin – and enlighten participants as to how theycan revolutionize the financial world with this radical new ledger.

Geared for those that want to know not only how this new disruptive tech works, but how it can work for them, Keynote2015 offers a compact one-day agenda that boasts the biggest and brightest names in the industry, including Surash Ramamurthi, Yobie Benjamin, and Aaron Cooper from the DOJ.

Keynote2015 will take place in the opulent surrounds of the Legendary Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Representatives from businesses such as Paypal, Square, Twitter and Uber will be in attendance alongside capital groups, investors from the digital currency community and an audience of 500.

Why Distributed Ledgers Matter

At the heart of bitcoin tech is the blockchain or distributed ledger, a super-smart and lightweight way to track transactions and contracts. Distributed ledgers are about to become a very big deal because they are not only faster and more efficient than ledgers used in mainstream finance today, but they are more secure as well.

The Visionaries

A technologically enlightened few have recently discovered the enormous potential of this new ledger and have begun capitalizing on its potential. The NASDAQ has invested more than $100 million in this tech with the aim of implementing distributed ledgers enterprisewide.

UBS Bank also showed foresight when it recently set up a distributed ledger research lab in London with the intention of finding ways to dramatically increase institutional efficiency.

Tech futurists like Apple’s Steve Wozniak, entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire and Virgin’s Richard Branson have begun moving millions into bitcoin tech, signalling the enormous potential thatdistributed ledgers hold for revolutionising the financial world.

First Mover Advantage

Distributed ledgers have the potential to shake up the financial world more than both mobile payment solutions and P2P banking combined. If this fact is new to you, you’re not alone. Most people are unaware of the massive impact this new tech is about to have.

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Join Keynote2015 to get in on the ground floor and position yourself to capitalise on this massive shift to the financial landscape. The opportunities are enormous for those that understand the potential.

When and Where

Keynote2015 will take place on August 3rd, 2015 at the Legendary Park Plaza Hotel, 607 South Park View St, Los Angeles, California 90057.

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