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Bitcoin Press Release: It has been an interesting past few weeks for the Kibo team as they gear up for the upcoming beta launch of Kibo platforms expected early May. Kibo, of course, is the pioneer in blockchain lottery based in Ethereum smart contracts. It has been constantly gaining ground and has originally planned to kick things up during the first quarter of the year, addressing problems after the ICO was completed. Now it has been five months since the ICO finished, and the Kibo team has been devoting its time solving engineering issues. Sufficed to say, after incredible effort, they are only a few steps away from finalizing the beta launch of Kibo platforms.

Although there hasn’t been an official launch date just yet, Kibo will announce the detailed information on the conditions and date of the beta version’s launch on 27th of April. Howbeit, the launch is highly still expected to be in the beginning of May. These circumstances don’t mean Kibo platforms will be the same as the prelaunch. In fact, the Beta KIBO is a fully accomplished release of the platform. Just last month, they have added security by adding TOTP two-factor authentication, refactored contract’s code related to the tokens, added ability to restore your wallet with mnemonic phrase (BrainWallet) in the case of lost financial password. All of which will be available after the upgrade of the contract at the launch.

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Expected to officially become one of the first few cryptocurrency platforms that make use of Ethereum for gaming, more innovation that are highly similar to Ethereum-based lotteries can be anticipated to hit the markets soon. However, since the Ethereum network still has a tad of unresolved problems of scalability, the beta version of the KIBO Platform will be available only for a limited number of users. Please note that the funds collected during the ICO and designed to make the prize money will be only partially used in the beta version. Nonetheless, the beta version will still let the users to fully enjoy benefits of the KIBO Lotto Platform like participation in free daily drawings.

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