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kibo-lotto-3027091KIBO takes pride in featuring a refreshing take on crypto lottery as the first ever decentralized Blockchain and Ethereum smart contract-based lotto. It has started development June of this year, and it promises to revolutionise the lotto market. With the belief that lotto is today’s favorite national entertainment and is the first both in popularity and the market share it holds among online social games, it resolves three main problems of players: fair draw, collecting winnings, and limited access to ticket purchase.

KIBO LOTTO offers a new approach to the organization and holding of lottos. Using the Blockchain and Ethereum smart contract technology, KIBO offers the best possible platform for online lottery. Bettors seeking thrilling Bitcoin lottery action will be satisfied with the KIBO platform, no doubt. It runs on proprietary software, and this explains how its setup is designed to provide a convenient, user-friendly, and fun platform.

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With followers from more than 20 countries, including China, the UK, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Spain, Portugal, and India, KIBO plans to start the open distribution of KIBO tokens to raise additional funds for the scaling, development, and implementation of the marketing strategy. This guarantees maximum utilisation of the platform from different parts of the globe.

Beginners will be relieved to see that the website is well-designed, ideal for any types of players, especially first timers who are still learning the ropes of doing online lottery. The interface looks clean and simple and every function can be easily navigated. The simple demeanor of KIBO opens more gates for significant advantages to amplify their clients’ gaming experience. This proprietary platform highlights more rooms for a simple and straightforward lottery gameplay.

kibo-platform-1221350Essentially, KIBO is built on blockchain technology and makes use of open-source smart contracts, whose logic and algorithms are available to everyone. Anyone can check out any transaction, any draw, or any lottery. This ensures absolute provably fair gaming at its finest. And with the usage of bitcoin technology, playing lotto will be available to anybody despite of geographic challenges without banking interference.

Payments and winnings are done automatically and without the hassle from third parties. Additionally, being based from the blockchain technology, anonymity is therefore assured by default. With a groundbreaking and sophisticated marketing strategy, utilisation won’t be an issue after each perfectly designed marketing solution is executed by this brand. Equipped with the vision to promote cryptocurrency use, rthe start date of ICO is on the 1st of October. KIBO surely gives a whole new meaning to Bitcoin lottery.

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