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Coin News had the chance to speak with Ledger CEO, Eric Larchevêque to talk about Ledgerwallet. This is the second part of the interview. You may read the first part here.

CNA:  What have been the greatest accomplishments or the best times you have had while operating Ledger since its inception?

EL: One of our best features is the use of secure elements. As a startup it is usually impossible to get access to such technology. Only big companies can get the clearance to sign the NDAs and start the onboarding to access these secure chips. Thanks to the experience and network of its founding team, Ledger is an exception and has a full clearance on the use of secure elements. This gives us a huge advantage on our competition.

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CNA:  Any opinions on online gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality and regulation?

EL: We are not expert at all in these fields, so I can say nothing. simple-smile-9057626

CNA:  Do you think it is hypocritical when Bitcoin supporters who are critical of banks are also critical of altcoins?

EL: Everything can happen, and if there is a consensus on a superior technology, people will convert their bitcoins to new digital assets. We are Blockchain agnostic and our products can be used on any kind of altcoin or different cryptographic schemes. Altcoins have a bad reputation because of the entire pump and dump scams, but from a pure technological point of view they are the R&D of the cryptocurrency industry and are much needed.

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CNA: In general, what can we expect from Ledger in the near future?

EL: We have just announced our latest generation of hardware wallets: the Ledger Blue. It is a security device with a touch screen and NFC/BLE/USB communications. It is our most secure and advanced product. The Blue is also built for developers: it comes with an SDK to easily build and deploy crypto apps for other blockchains. We have an early access Developer Edition available now, and we plan a public release of the Blue Q2 2016.

CNA: Do you have a Bitcoin price prediction?

EL: Nope simple-smile-9057626

CNA: Ha, thank you very much, Eric.

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