meXBT: Bitcoin Will Help Grow and Expand the Asian Markets

Another Bitcoin exchange eyeing the Asian market is meXBT, a Mexican Bitcoin exchange joining the Bitcoin ecosystem. Coin News had the chance to speak with its co-founder Joel Cano to give us a look on this Latin American exchange.

Coin News: Hi, Joel. Can you tell us a bit about meXBT? What is the idea behind it?

Joel Cano: meXBT was idea of selling crypto currencies in Mexico was conceived and tested in December of 2013, we decided to search for Seed Investment in ealy 2014 and setup the legal entity by March of 2014. During that time we also were able to integrate and develop a professional grade platform that meXBT is today and we launched for testing in September of 2014 and to the General Public on November 2014 and have run growing consistently since then.

Living and doing business across different countries is something that we believe is one important trend of the future. Individual and small companies all over the world are becoming more global day by day. Internet and global logistics platforms are more accessible to all people, but when it comes to transfer money between your business and your employees, providers or even customers, there are no real solutions that work fast and cost efficient. We believe we can change that.

CNA: Can you share some definite advantages of operating meXBT?

JC: We have focused to integrate and build technology that just works for our customers and we try to provide the best customer experience based on the technology and customer services. We have developed the alliances and an acquisition strategy that is allowing us to expand globally. We are also firm believers that regulation should protect customer interests and provide a level of trust that ensure our customers that all operations and funds are protected according to the latest rules and regulations.

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CNA: What can we expect from your venture in the near future?

JC: We are focused on cross border payments between Mexico and China. We have the best solution available in the market for Mexican and Chinese companies that want to grow their import/export opportunities.

Today by creating an account in you can get the most affordable and fastest payments to any provider in China and be cleared within hours at the best exchange rates. Sending Mexican Pesos (MXN) to convert into Chinese Yuan (CNY) using Bitcoin just as a transfer mechanism without the risk of volatility has never been easier and more secure. The alliances of meXBT with BTC-China one of the largest exchanges in China and the technological integration to perform “Instant Trading” is a unique value offer proposition to connect Chinese business with their Mexican counterparts.

CNA: How do you think Bitcoin will affect the Asian market in particular?

JC: All economies have inefficient and unserved financial markets. Small and medium businesses all around the world are the next wave of growth for every country. Bitcoin will help to the business and individual inclusion that is required to keep growing and expanding the Asian markets.

CNA: What’s preventing Bitcoin from going mainstream?

JC: We have already developed the platform and APIs and build the market pool liquidity that will make Bitcoin the preferred method and end to end solution to cross border payments.

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CNA: What characteristics of meXBT do you consider the most revolutionary?

JC: We are really good at developing alliances with our business partners all around the world and that is making us growth fast and efficiently. So we are very proud of our extend end-team that operates non-stop all around the world.

CNA: Any thoughts on cryptocurrency regulation?

JC: We believe regulation should be focused on protecting the customers.

CNA: Do you think a superior altcoin will supersede Bitcoin in the near future?

JC: It is a customer choice what makes markets efficient. We believe that there is no single solution that covers all customer needs. So there will always be space for new more convenient customer choices.

CNA: How about a price prediction?

JC: It is not about price. It is about customer adoption and customer value. If more users receive every time more value, there is no such thing as a high / low price but a cost /benefit formula.

CNA: Finally, what would you like to say to the Bitcoin community?

JC: In the future people will hold Bitcoin without knowing it. As of today, they hold bank computing cycles and databases. It is not relevant for the masses.

meXBT will love to have Asian customers actively using our platform and promoting it to their customers as the most reliable form of payment. We would love to hear from them soon at

CNA: Thanks, Joel. 

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