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Bitcoin Press Release: Smart contracts have been revolutionizing the financial industry for quite a while, but nothing impresses like Minereum, which is the first ever self-mining smart contract token. There is no doubt that the Blockchain tech has gone through great lengths of advancement from serving insurance services to election processes. Because of this, a demand for better, transparent, and fair mining approach in the cryptocurrency space. That’s where Minereum comes in.

As of this moment, Minereum is being traded on the livecoin.net exchange under MNE/BTC and MNE/ETH. There are no other more efficient ways of trading the token than this. Coins are generated right away with a mathematical formula, so they’re very convenient to use. Everyone will get the same fair share of coins, so there is no more need for mining pools or specific mining equipment. The mining will be done automatically by the code itself.

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The collection of Genesis Addresses occurred between April 14 5 PM UTC and April 15 5 PM UTC, and 4268 addresses were collected from the community. These Genesis Addresses are the addresses where the initial coins were distributed. There will be no more coins than the ones that were distributed to these addresses.

Plus, with Ethereum gaining steam in the past few months, Minereum is also deployed on the Ethereum network. Important services like the creation of Ethereum tokens with exclusive Minereum mining processes are under conceptualization. Another breakthrough service to be offered soon is the Ethereum Token Creation Service. Check out the roadmap here:

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Everyone may check out the latest developments on their website: https://www.minereum.com/.

In addition, following their Bitcointalk thread can keep you up to date on other advancements and movements regarding this venture: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1867535.0.

You can also follow their Twitter account for more info: https://twitter.com/minereumtoken.

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