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artemine-ico-9090797Bitcoin Press Release: The unlimited potential of blockchain and its benefits have got many industries looking for ways to implement blockchain technology into their operations. The tech, mainly its ICOs procedures, can change the landscape of crypto usage in a manner that can make more developments a lot more feasible prospects. Hence, the Minereum Team takes a step further and plans to launch an ICO for the next version of Minereum, Artemine.

Artemine brings updates such as Genesis Addresses with different supply, the possibility to transfer Genesis Addresses, automatic sale of Genesis Addresses, and public mining. Both tokens (Minereum and Artemine) will be independent tokens, each of them with their own teams, exchanges, algorithms, etc, but both tokens will be running side by side.

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While in Minereum, each Genesis Address holds 32,000 coins, Artemine will allow ICO participants to decide how much they want to hold depending on the amount they contribute. Artemine Genesis holders will also have the possibility to transfer their Genesis Addresses holdings to another address, the only requirement is that the target address must have 0 ART.

In addition, Artemine Smart Contract function SetGenesisBuyPrice allows Genesis Holders to set an ETH price to their Address, Genesis Holders will be able to set their Addresses for sale by defining the buy price with any value >= 0 ETH. This ensures that  each sale will be done automatically. Finally, Artemine Smart Contract function PublicMining will allow anyone to mine coins. The user only requires to have a few amount of ETH for the transactions fees.

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These are the exchange rates we will use for the ICO:


The ICO will run for 30 days, and for each day, everyone can see the price of 1000 ART in ETH and MNE. All MNE received in the ICO are going to be burned. The Artemine ICO date is still to be determined with an approximation of sometime in September. The Minereum Team will release updates via these 3 channels:




In addition, you can read the Artemine draft whitepaper here: http://artemine.org/ArtemineWhitepaperDraft0.1.pdf

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