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Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain startup Mysterium has released an alpha version of its decentralized VPN offering MYST tokens to early adopters.

Mysterium will provide a secure connection for internet users through its blockchain-based Virtual Private Network (VPN). The platform will use crowdsourced bandwidth to create a network of globally distributed VPN nodes. The alpha version is now live for anyone to join and start contributing their unused bandwidth to the network. Users offering their resources to Mysterium will earn MYST tokens in reward as a form of ’soft mining’, via a proof of contribution system.

Right time right place.

Internet privacy is a growing concern for companies and individuals whose data is often sold on the black market. Cyberattacks have grown to as many as a half million every minute according to MarketResearchFutures. The recent malware attack on the NHS for instance, has brought cybercrime into sharp focus as a major concern for organisations and governments. On Friday the ’WannaCry’ virus took down parts of the NHS IT infrastructure and has since made its way around the globe, corrupting data and threatening privacy. Mysterium’s blockchain-secured VPN can help secure organizations against such threats, many of whom are now rushing to adopt a VPN into their networks and operations.

The Mysterium team is comprised of blockchain experts and IT industry professionals and with its live alpha just launched, Mysterium is in a strong position to scale up. The platform will operate through an integrated trading platform called CORE, providing an online marketplace where both VPN providers and consumers can monetise the give and take of VPN services. The efficiency of combined technologies and network effect is geared towards offering a competitive solution comparing to traditional VPN services, by offering savings that will be passed to the users.

The Mysterium crowdsale starts on the 30th of May. For more information about MYST mining and a guide on how to contribute to the network go here. For more information on the crowdsale visit

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