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The Bitcoin gambling niche is a vast one, but there are a few operators who have been active since the very early days. Once of them is Directbet. Coin News had the chance to speak with Michelle, representative of Directbet, to give us a backgrounder on their Bitcoin sportsbetting site. Coin News: What can you say is the […]

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Gerben Visser, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Singapore Fintech Consortium has kindly given an extensive statement regarding the FinTech advancements in the region. Here’s the second part of the special statement: The FinTech Industry in Singapore Based on the Global Financial Centres Index, Singapore is ranked the 4th largest financial center in the world, and is also ranked in 1st […]

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In the realm of Bitcoin gambling, Coin News has spoken with Artem Stryzov, Marketing Director of Jubise Casino, we take a look at Softswiss’ new offering to the Bitcoin gaming community. Read the first part of this special coverage: Launching Jubise Casino What led me to become so interested in Bitcoins is that I realized it is more than a […]

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Singapore has always been a modern hub for finance and technology with a lot of developments focused exclusively on these industries. Coin News has acquired a special statement from Gerben Visser, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Singapore Fintech Consortium, discussing the Fintech advancements and acceleration: The Singapore FinTech Consortium The Singapore FinTech Consortium’s mission is to build Singapore’s […]

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This is the second part of Coin News’s exclusive interview with Brandon Venetta of Grantcoin. You may read the first part here. Coin News: What do you think Bitcoin needs to become a more prominent and reliable form of payment? Brandon Venetta: In our opinion, the most important factor holding Bitcoin back from becoming a truly mainstream and […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: Armenia is a country with long gambling history. Here it’s legal and making progress, advancing the economy and civilized gaming methods. But investors, businessman and software developers need a common floor for sharing the experience, ideas and innovations. The first Armenian Gaming Forum organized by Smile-Expo will become an important event for everyone involved into gambling. On […]

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When asked what is Grantcoin, it is a digital currency designed to create a dedicated funding stream and loyal customer base for socially and environmentally responsible businesses. However, to give the Bitcoin community a more in-depth view of it, we spoke with Brandon Venetta, Co-Founder of Grantcoin. Coin News: Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a journey, can you tell […]

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Trend Micro, a security firm conducted a research with regard to the Japanese cybercrime scene.  According to their findings, the internet underground industry in the region is still pretty much in their “infancy” stage. Most cyber criminals are still learning to utilize the tools to conduct a proper cybercrime campaign. For many the rookie hackers, online message boards are the […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: Since 2015, Chinese economy has been growing within slow stabilization, as well as faced lot of pressure and challenge. But with loose policy of regulators from Chinese government, the Spring of Chinese forex industry is coming. According to the report on the work of government, Chinese government would like to work hard on interest rate marketization; to expand the exchange rate […]

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Bitcoin continues to rise as an integral and sustainable part of the economy. When it comes to Bitcoin adoption, most of the money is flowing freely through Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, and OKCoin has been innovating with a superwallet, OKLink, to harness that competitive edge. Since it entered its beta testing phase last April, OKLink has been an integral connection between […]

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