Nutz Poker Part 2 – The Asian Market Is a Nut Well Worth Cracking – Coin News

Coin News has spoken with Bobby of Nutz Poker to give us a quick look on the Enterra-powered Bitcoin poker room. You may read the first part here.

Coin News: What do you think Bitcoin needs to become a more mainstream form of payment?

Bobby: It’s only a matter of time before bitcoin is more mainstream thanks to websites like more and more people are finding interest in bitcoin, Also, thanks to Bitcoin ATMs and websites like localbitcoins and paxful, its now very easy to purchase and sell bitcoins.

CNA: How do you think Bitcoin will affect the Asian market?

B: Nutz Poker has not pursued aggressive marketing, but now we feel have the infrastructure is in place, and we have our sights set on a global market, but there is no doubt the Asian market is a nut well worth cracking. The Asian market has the highest volume of bitcoin transactions, so I think it’s more like how the Asian market will affect bitcoin. My opinion is that it will be a positive effect.

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CNA: What’s the best thing about Nutz Poker?

B: We are doing well and moving in a steady sure-footed direction. The best thing is the feel-good factor when you get a positive email or feedback from a player.

CNA: What can you say about online gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality and regulation?

B: It’s still a grey area in a lot of countries, but it’s slowly moving in a positive way. Regulation of some sort will happen.

CNA: Also, do you have a Bitcoin price prediction?

B: Sorry, I’m not that brave for a Bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the future, so in time, I’m sure bitcoin will be more stable.

CNA: What can we expect from Nutz Poker in the near future?

B: We are a 100% dedicated to bitcoin and the technology behind it. The Bitcoin gaming market will be huge. It’s very likely that gaming sites offering other merchant solutions will also offer bitcoin as a payment and deposit option in the near future.

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CNA: Finally, for Bitcoin newbies, do you have any suggestions?

B: I’d suggest that they do some research, and websites like Coin News, which offers very good advice and information on all subjects relating to bitcoin. Bitcoin = Freedoom!!! Don’t be square, grab a bit and chair, and join us at Nutz Poker! Thank you!

CNA: Thank you very much as well, Bobby!

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