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Bitcoin has shown that cryptography and decentralization can give a fruitful distinct option for customary techniques for securing information. Information might be secured utilizing the Blockchain and cryptography, with brilliant contracts used to execute exchanges. Protection controls executed in keen contracts exactly indicate who can see them. Swinging to Asia, the Philippines is one nation where Bitcoin has flourished. In […]

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With a majority of the population still unbanked, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines) has decided to turn its eyes on the advancements in the financial technology sector in their implications in the banking industry in general. The FinTech industry is a bustling one with the fine integration of the tech and financial sectors and now […]

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Bitcoin transactions between the Philippines and Canada are on the rising trend due to an accumulative request for substitute remittance services. Overseas workers who are economically supporting their relatives are supporting the growth of the highly-evolving sector. The umbrella Bitcoin company Satoshi Citadel Industries’ has partnered with California-based worldwide business network and monetary transfer platform, ZipZap, to enable Filipino […]

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Asia is home to more than 4 billion people. Roughly 2 of every 3 people on the planet call the continent home. In order to deal with that kind of population density, Asian nations increasingly look to cutting edge technology to solve social, logistical, and financial issues. It should come as no surprise then, that cryptocurrency and blockchain related businesses […]

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We’ve been getting really good traction with our existing bills, payment and money transfer services after shifting to using blockchain in the background. We think this is the natural progression as far as being able to reach customers,” said, CEO Ron Hose. A lot of innovation has come from this Bitcoin startup, and now it has launched a mobile app […]

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Last year, I’ve written a piece on LinkedIn about the Bitcoin situation in the Philippines. Nothing has changed much, and the Bitcoin situation in the Philippines is still about remittances. In the past few months, the decentralised cryptocurrency has flourished, set to be a principal ICT growth catalyst in the country. And due to the immense amount of overseas Filipino […]

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Bitcoin exchange partnerships are abound, and one of the key platforms to offer cryptocurrency to fiat exchange is Independent Reserve. I had the swift chance to speak with a member of its technical staff, Jan Przelozny to talk about The Bitcoin Market. Jay-R Gatdula: Hi, mate. Can you give us a backgrounder on Independent Reserve? How long did it take […]

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