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Founded in 2017, Play2Live is aimed to merge a blockchain technology and streaming services. Its mission is to create an ecosystem where every participant, including the viewer, the streamer and the eSports tournament organizer is a part of a seamless system that favors interaction between the viewers and the diversity of monetization schemes. Essentially, everybody can be a part of peer-to-peer interaction and everybody  —  even the viewer  —  is able to earn money.

The company has developed a platform that provides a completely new level of virtual interaction for all participants  —  and provides a mechanism for monetization of every aspect of it. It has a token called Level Up Coin (LUC) which acts as the sole mean of payment within the system. It can be easily converted to other cryptocurrencies or to fiat money through a gateway/API.

The problem with most other gaming sites has been the lack of opportunity to monetize your interest or your input to the business. Monetization has generally been limited to:

  • Pre-roll adverts (this runs before the start of the streamer’s broadcast  —  and this is what most viewers try to switch off as they try to log into something meaningful)
  • Partner Programs: streamers can turn on ads for their content and earn revenue from them
  • Affiliate marketing: streamers advertise the products of other people and earn a commission on every item sold
  • Advertising: advertise other people’s products for a flat fee
  • Product creation

Play2Live allows monetization by all of these methods  —  and then adds 11 more!

Altogether, the streamers will be able to monetize their content in 11 ways as opposed to the 4 or 5 ways available on existing streaming platforms. They can earn right from their very first stream, regardless of the size of their follower base. The platform offers top-notch mechanisms for the streamers to boost their follower count, such as a system of interactive tasks during streams, betting services, enhanced communication in the chat, and other engaging activities!

On Play2Live, viewers can monetize their content in five ways (compared to zero elsewhere in the eSports video-streaming industry). They can earn income by watching adverts (the platform is ad-free by default), performing tasks set by streamers, voting for content, and sharing their internet bandwidth via peer-to-peer CDN. Viewers can place bets with bookmakers without leaving the P2L site and can purchase games using LUC tokens received through various activities on the platform. Ultimately, P2L offers 15 sources of revenue, which is three times more than the current streaming industry leaders.

The public pre-sale for the LUC token started on January 26 and lasted until February 6. During pre-sale Play2Live has secured more than $18 mln. The token sale event begins on February 21 and ends on March 14. For more information, visit the site or follow Play2Live on various cryptocurrency-oriented media sources. Don’t miss the bonuses!

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