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Bitcoin Press Release: A leader in social engagement innovation, announced the public sale date of their new utility token, the J8T. On the 28th FEBRUARY, Singapore-based JET8 will open the floodgates for what is expected to be a hugely popular public sale. The pre-sale phase was completed early having secured over 70% of the total token sale goal. This was due to […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: Today’s credit system is far from perfect. A classic way to get a loan is to apply for a consumer loan to a bank. The drawbacks of this way are clear. It takes a lot of effort to collect the necessary list of documents, and a lot of time for a bank to review them. At the […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: LLC “Sinthesis Technologies” is launching a project to build a plant for the production of polymer bituminous binders, which was developed at Moscow School of Management “Skolkovo” as part of the development program for territories of the Russian Federation with minimal taxation. The project called SINTEC is implemented in the form of a unique block-option that allows […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: CoinCasino combines for the first time the advantages of classic online casinos and blockchain technologies. CoinCasino concept is using our own crypto currency CAS tokens. This crypto currency is fully transferable into fiat money. A little bit different cryptocurrency In temporary world there is about 1,500 cryptocurrencies and this number grows steadily. The main purpose of many of […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: Tim Enneking, Managing Director of Crypto Asset Management, joins MedCredits as a member of its Advisory Board to build the future of blockchain healthcare. Mr. Enneking managed the world’s first Bitcoin fund in 2013, and is a leading voice in the blockchain sector with frequent contributions in Forbes, Bloomberg, Investopedia, CoinDesk and appearances on CNBC. “I’ve gone back […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: WAWLLET will launch an ICO for up to 89 million of its WIN Tokens at $3 USD per Token on 29 January, including a reservation of $35m USD worth of Tokens for issuance (with a lock-in period of up to 18 months) pursuant to an agreement with an EU listed Venture Capital firm. 44 million Tokens will be […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: The absolutely new technology becoming popular in the world of cryptocurrencies, and making its own huge impact on it is called Blockchain. As much as the Internet was the complete transformer of entertainment, media, government, technology, investments, hospitality, energy, sports media and many more fields since the 90’s, the Blockchain became the decentralized technology allowing the secure […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: The XWIN ICO is off to a healthy start in the new year.  Launched on January 1st, the project has raised over $2.4 at the time of writing.  The offering will last until the end of the month, and currently, there’s still a 10% for buy-ins.  As it now stands, one XWIN token goes for the price […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: Whenever there’s a thought drilling through your brain trying to get out and you have no idea quite how to word it to finally let it fly, go to the source. Chances are, there’s somebody out there who knows exactly what they’re talking about and there’s no point in rephrasing that, which is already being articulated with […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: A lottery game built on the Ethereum blockchain will be a major innovation in the global lottery industry. Hence, we introduce Fire Lotto. Fire Lotto is a modern blockchain lottery from Cyprus, as simple and understandable as traditional lotteries are. The primary objective of this project is make a fair international lottery with a big prize pool and […]

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