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It is known, the investment process can eventually be destroyed by the initial coin offering (ICO) or ensuing token generation events.  The new business model existing it the world of blockchain technology changes traditional fundraising campaigns in the way of clarity, transparent success and safety. Producing of the held-for-trading tokens raises the capital in this process. The peculiarity of ICO […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: has joined the bitcoin community by releasing a brand new gambling portal The company will bring the safest cryptocurrency gambling options for gamblers around the globe by picking the most trustworthy online casinos, poker and betting operators. will cooperate with only gambling operators that pass their strict review. Company spokesperson Matt Beardsley explained, “We see […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: The rental market in the USA is growing rapidly. Each year more than 40 million flats and houses are rented all over the country. Rental housing is the only opportunity to start an independent life for many young families. And do not forget about those who come to the USA to work or study – rental housing for […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: has created a new platform for delivering education opportunities across the globe. Why is that worth mentioning? The brand-new model, based on blockchain technologies, could help the project to get a fair share of the fast-growing online-education market. The service enables students to get in touch with tutors for online teaching or training sessions, which is a […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: Throughout 2017, we have witnessed a plethora of Bitcoin “hard forks.” Some of them were just a simple cash grab, some of them offered interesting improvements to the Bitcoin technology. But Bitcoin Flash seems to be outpacing them all, finally introducing much needed instant confirmations feature to Bitcoin, and other interesting aspects like the opportunity to earn Bitcoin […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: We are happy to announce another huge achievement, with the release of the much awaited ARK Mobile Wallet. That’s right, you can now vote for a delegate, send ARK, or just check your balance straight from the palm of your hand. No sync needed, just open the app and conduct your business. ARK’s mobile wallet is a hybrid […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: ARK is now a registered currency on OKEx. The platform currently offers more than 40 token trading pairs and 5 futures pairs. OKEx’s industry leading BTC futures trade has nearly $1.5B of volume a day and are widely regarded as the gold standard for the industry. OKEx have served millions of customers in over 100 countries, with about 60% […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: INFOCASH is a hotel – restaurant management system and global payment platform that is on mission to bring era of digitalization to business and real life. Infocash Ecosystem has maximized functions with the launch of ICC – a secure, borderless, and decentralized cryptocurrency. Infocash aims to build a digital ecosystem for the future. ICC would lay a foundation […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: A lot of projects focus mainly on the technology, while forgetting what is most important in the dish — to enter a win-win relationship with the customer and sell the product. The Tokenloyalty team made a step further —  offering customers from the Tokenloyalty network to other projects, giving bot, merchants and customers benefits, while any merchant or customer may […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: A fake MyEtherWallet app was released on the App Store recently, defrauding thousands of users who paid to download the app. The fraudulent app – which skyrocketed up to number three in the App Store’s finance app category – was eventually removed by Apple moderators. However, by that time eager MEW users had spent $15,000 downloading the […]

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