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Bitcoin Press Release: Some of the most important concerns of large investors while considering an investment opportunity are the security of their investments in the face of eventualities, the efficiency of the operational processes and the level of transparency that the investment platform offers. The inability of any of investment platform to optimize it services based on all the identified […]

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Dublin, Ireland, Ireland’s first ICO is off to a very strong start. Many ICO pre-sales fall flat, but Mingo shows the ICO world that it can be done, and quickly. It is not often that an ICO Pre-Sale brings in as much as 650K Euros within the first hour. What savvy investors are seeing is a fantastic opportunity to own […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: More than 4 million bitcoins have been lost forever. Two key aspects of bitcoin are its production schedule and supply cap. Firstly, its supply is capped a 21 million bitcoin.  Second, the number of bitcoin released in a block is halved every 4 years. This provides it with a clear and discernable production schedule, but also means […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: Dublin, Ireland, Many ICO’s are actually startups with no infrastructure, only hopes and dreams. Mingo, who recently announced their soon to launch Token Pre-Sale already has part of their infrastructure up and running and with considerable success. Early adopters will realize a 60% savings, procrastinators will lose out on the benefits of early contributions. There are a […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: London, UK., Sep 3, 2017 /ATLANT/ —The  ATLANT team today released its alpha v0.1 encompassing a substantial part of the ATLANT Platform framework. ATLANT is a real estate platform built on the blockchain, specializing in tokenization of real estate and decentralized P2P rentals. This release comes in advance of Atlant’s ICO Launch this coming week, September 7 at 1:00 […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: SLVR, a new digital currency provider has invested more than 28 million dollars of its own capital to secure product success. This significant capital investment went into modernizing a silver mine near the capital of Mexico. SLVR now possesses sophisticated mining equipment and infrastructure coupled with approximate reserves upwards of 40 million ounces. SLVR is the first […]

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Artificial intelligence startup Magos has developed software that combines neural networks and blockchain technology that simulates a collection of biological brains to accurately predict the outcome of future events relating to sports, politics and even behaviour. The software learns and recognizes complex patterns in data allowing it to predict patterns, trends and even more subtle ticks, making it a powerhouse at forecasting. […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: The unlimited potential of blockchain and its benefits have got many industries looking for ways to implement blockchain technology into their operations. The tech, mainly its ICOs procedures, can change the landscape of crypto usage in a manner that can make more developments a lot more feasible prospects. Hence, the Minereum Team takes a step further and […]

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It is safe to say that in the short-term at least, bitcoin has not been dealt a blow by the recent forking event. However, can our beloved digital payments system capitalize on the apparent virtual reality trend? Virtual reality can be used to great effect in many industries, including e-commerce. That’s where Cappasity comes in. Cappasity develops a platform that […]

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Throughout last week, during the strong rally of bitcoin, Bitconnect Coin (BCC) gained upward momentum, surpassing the $100 mark for the first time in history and establishing a new all-time high at $115. According to cryptocurrency market data providers including Coinmarketcap, the trading volume of BCC peaked at $10 million, reaching a market cap of $742 million and a price […]

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