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Bitcoin Press Release: New innovations in the crypto world are coming up, and that includes lab-grown diamonds – diamonds that are manufactured in a lab, rather than mined from the earth. These are bonafide diamonds chemically identical to their earthen counterparts.

In recent years, the diamond industry has been filled with conflicts as well as environmental and ethical issues. Additionally, there is a decreasing volume of diamonds successfully mined each year as diamond deposits are rapidly running scarce. This is where Pure Diamond Coin comes in.

Pure Diamond Coins (PDC) are a groundbreaking new cryptocurrency used to exchange for Japanese lab-grown diamonds on the Pure Diamond Blockchain Network. Due to the nature that lab-grown diamonds are cultivated in a controlled environment, they are optically superior to natural diamonds as they contain no impurities.

Essentially, the Pure Diamond Blockchain Project is a business that aims to cater to people who want to have PDC as digital cryptocurrency and those who want to have them as real jewelry or accessories. We, at Coin News, have spoken with Hideyuki Abe, the President of Pure Diamond Lab Co Ltd to give light on this new crypto innovation.

“We have spent over 10 years in the development of the lab-grown diamond technology. I was interested in Bitcoin because it is the first cryptographic currency. We have to understand the value of a bitcoin. By making sure that it is more reachable to everyone and justification of its foundation, I think its value will increase. However, there are problems, so I felt it is difficult to do the same thing as Bitcoin, and I came up with my own business model,” says Abe.

“It took us six months to construct the pure diamond blockchain business model. I asked myself if I should do [an] ICO, and I was not sure about tax measures when using digital currency back then. Also, I thought about whether it could be a solution to issues of the jewelry diamond Market.”

In the case of the Pure Diamond Block Chain project, the digital value and the value of the real diamond are connected by a blockchain. The unique PDC token issued can be traded digitally like a general cryptocurrency and the value will fluctuate in the digital world, but it is also a ticket which can be exchanged for laboratory grown diamonds. This is the main advantage of using PDC, as it ensures that digital value can be exchanged to a tangible real value anytime.

“It is a blockchain that connects [the] virtual and [the] real, where the virtual value and the real value are exchangeable. At the same time, on the real side, diamonds that have been valuable in the market for many years, are linked to the blockchain, and its attractiveness is high,” says Abe.

“We hope to develop various employment, cooperation with various countries, settlement currency, and so on. Since everything is worthwhile, I think it would be better to understand each value and everyone collaborates with each other to make a better world without lies,” adds Abe.

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