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Bitcoin dice is certainly a big facet in Bitcoin gaming, and one of the hard players is none other than It prides itself as a modern online Bitcoin dice game. Launched in June 2014, this groundbreaking Bitcoin betting site joins the increasing list of online dice platforms that provide great entertainment to every cryptocurrency users around the globe. Since their launch, over 1 billion bets have been served, and this site’s trustworthiness in the market is truly proven ever since.

In terms of design, while most Bitcoin dice sites use azure tones and highlights the table below the betting platform, the black on brings attention to the counter in the middle, bearing the words “Winner!” and “Loser!” directly beneath it, and eventually encouraging a roll of high or low from the player. It may not be as flashy as other Bitcoin betting sites, but it surely compensates with its action vibe.

It runs on HTML 5, is browser-based, and requires no downloads. Depositing is relatively easy and straightforward, while withdrawals require 2 deposit confirmations before they’re allowed. It also provides a fair chat function and a rainbot feature which sends bitcoins to 10 random players by typing /rain in the chat.

For players, marvelous weekly prizes are in store once they take part in the game offered in this site. Top players are hailed ‘Caesars,’ and 1000 mBTC is given away every week to the Caesars of Rollin. Approximately, 45,000 plus mBTC are the total bonuses paid, and more distinct opportunities are in store for future players.

In terms of the house edge, deals a competitive one. It varies from 0.80% up to 1%, depending on the wagers placed. It’s just one of the traits that makes this betting site attractive.

In addition, offers a great affiliate program which gives players the chance to earn commission based on the amount of users they refer. It is based on the wagered amount in which they would give 15% of the house edge away, regardless if the player wins or loses.

If you are worried about cases of cheating, there is nothing to worry because is armed with a provably fair system. Thus, you may check the veracity of every round. With the ability to verify the dice rolls and results, you can guarantee a safe betting environment. The community has responded well with this site, garnering a healthy user base and an active Bitcointalk thread.

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