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Bitcoin Press Release: When you think about beer and crypto, there is no way that those two things won’t be the ultimate combination. You can just expect Russia to give you this amazing amalgamation. To be set in Murmansk, Satoshi Brewery is a project dedicated to be the most high-tech craft brewery in Russia. After all, craft beer is one of the most popular and high-demanded type in the brewing industry.

Starting in March 2017, it was possible to form the main backbone of the like-minded team. For more than six months, the idea of selling a small brewery has grown to a high level. Now the project is an average, by European standards, craft brewery with a maximum production volume of 9 million liters per year.

The Satoshi Brewery project was first presented in October 2017 on Bitcointalk. After a very successful presentation, the project team has established itself in its desire to go out on the crowd sale. With the advent of ICOs, it’s no wonder that the Satoshi Brewery team has decided an initial coin offering is the best way to raise funds for their business.

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Investments in the beer production generate a stable and low-risk income. Craft brewing is a kind of revolution in its own sphere, and it gives the society a new culture and philosophy of beer consumption.  The Satoshi Brewery project is counting on its success because the project is carried out within a market which is not developed enough but which has a large growth potential, there is minimum competition level, and there is a high marginality level of the final product.

Following the ideology of blockchain of  full transparency, there must be a token transparent. The estimated cost of the project Satoshi Brewery is $24 million. The issued tokens are 10 million. Dividing these numbers, the fair value of the token will be $2.4.

The Satoshi Brewery team is already planning the next stage of the project development. After the launch of the brewery factory, they will go deeper and build an entire infrastructure – a network of breweries and craft shops around the world where it will be possible to buy beer for domestic currency.



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