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Bitcoin Press Release: LLC “Sinthesis Technologies” is launching a project to build a plant for the production of polymer bituminous binders, which was developed at Moscow School of Management “Skolkovo” as part of the development program for territories of the Russian Federation with minimal taxation. The project called SINTEC is implemented in the form of a unique block-option that allows investing in prospective profitable production.

The advantages of this project are:

1) High investment attractiveness, demand for product on the market, high profitability, payback period of less than 3 years;

2) The main business idea is related to the actively developing high-tech production of polymeric bituminous binders (PBB);

3) The environmental value of the project: one of the product components is rubber crumb recycled from used large-sized automobile tires, therefore implementation of this project will significantly reduce the accumulated environmental damage;

Expected criteria for the effectiveness of this enterprise:

Investment costs – 1 800 000,00 (thousand rubles) Revenue per month – 262 500,00 (thousand rubles) Profitability – 27 % (as according to Rosstatistics data, the average profitability for the production of similar products in 2016 did not exceed 18%.)

Payback period – 2,1 years

According to the data of the State Company “Rosavtodor” in 2015, the volume of PBB consumption amounted to 253 thousand tons; one year earlier, it reached 190 thousand tons. In 2016, the volume of PBB was brought to 298 thousand tons. By 2025, the volumes are forecasted to reach the level of 500 thousand tons. Thus, the safety of financial investments in this project is justified, as well as the growth of the expected profit is guaranteed.

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What is the project uniqueness?

The SINTEC team believes that all existing ICO projects overlook the growth in the rate of invested cryptocurrencies, that is, investors can lose much more than they expect to gain from participation in projects. But so-called “lost profit” should be compensated.

For today, SINTEC is the only project in the world that provides for such compensation. We hope that in future our project will be followed by all ICO projects, and long-term projects in the first place.
What are the benefits of participation in SINTEC:

1) Investing in project provides insurance against hacker attacks on exchange services and cryptocurrency wallets;

2) Due to fixation of the rate of embedded cryptocurrency, there is a protection from depreciation and devaluation;

3) In case of a growth rate of invested cryptocurrencies, at the time STEC tokens redeemed by investor, the number will be recalculated according to current rate, thus full compensation for the lost profit will be made;

The profitability of the project will allow to make a monthly purchase of at least $ 1.6 million STEC tokens . With the growth rate of embedded crypto currencies, the redemption of STEC tokens will continue, only the terms of procedure will increase in time. The total number of tokens sold for entire investment company will be 13,200,000.

At the moment all necessary approvals have been made, contracts have been concluded, all necessary calculations have been done.

This enterprise is the first stage in the development of the petrochemical cluster in Siberian Federal District, and, consequently, the production will grow and develop, bringing all new opportunities to its devoted investors.

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