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slvr-1908257Bitcoin Press Release: SLVR, a new digital currency provider has invested more than 28 million dollars of its own capital to secure product success. This significant capital investment went into modernizing a silver mine near the capital of Mexico. SLVR now possesses sophisticated mining equipment and infrastructure coupled with approximate reserves upwards of 40 million ounces.

SLVR is the first digital token of its kind. It is fully supported by our 4,892 acres silver producing mine located in one of the richest world deposits in the famous Sultepec Mining District outside of Mexico City. With the purchase of each token you’ll be able to trade it for real silver from a designated account holding your silver reserve at our 3rd party storage facility.

SLVR launched their pre ICO August 7 2017 via a crowdfund that is based on the token price of $10. Each token coin with a trading symbol of SLVR is to be backed by one ounce of .99% pure silver.

“This is an incredibly rare opportunity for investors to use a worldwide digital currency that is stable and backed by a hard asset. These digital coins will be reinforced by the silver being collected from our own mines.”

– Robert D. Scott (COO of SLVR)

This is a first in the crypto currency sphere and is bound to garner serious support from precious-metals enthusiasts who do not think cryptocurrency holds any real value. Every ounce of silver will be stored in secure vaults with audits being performed by a professional accounting practice.

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The tokens will utilize the Ethereum blockchain to secure smart contracts. Clients may request physical delivery of assets from the vaults via web interface through the SLVR homepage. Token holders would need to log in and cash their tokens for “hard” silver. All “hard” silver will be shipped through insured air carriers. As an incentive for early purchase SLVR will be hosting a tour of the mining facility for 50 of the largest token holders.

Lastly, SLVR hopes to grab retail merchants looking to take payments peer to peer using SLVR without the huge price swings that we see today In the cryptosphere. Merchants will be able to peg the silver price to the London fix and transfer their tokens to exchanges at close of business day.

Upon completion of the crowdfund, silver will be stored in a secure vault at a 3rd party storage facility. Once produced the goal is to start shipping silver to our secure vault 3 months after completion of the crowdfund. However, users will be able to trade it freely on the market right after purchase of the SLVR token.

For more information on SLVR or its crowdfund information, please visit SLVR’s homepage ( Make sure to join the Slack channel to speak directly with the SLVR Team.

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