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The COVID-19 episode stirred up the startup scene around the world. While many endured, some very much positioned organizations, similar to US-based video conferencing firm Zoom, saw touchy development by offering pandemic-accommodating arrangements.

Hwang Jong-duck, who causes unfamiliar new companies to enter Korean market, sees a lot of chances for Zoom-like achievement in South Korea as problematic new arrangements spread to the standard of regular day to day existence and a more extensive scope of business areas.

“Firms are now launching remote working tools like virtual conferencing platforms. But, sooner or later, the scene will expand,” Hwang, chief executive of One Asia Media said.

Developments will show up for standard individuals in their day by day lives, similar to relaxation exercises, he added. 

Prior to pandemic, worldwide fintech new companies, for example, those managing digital money Bitcoin, fared well there. Be that as it may, the market possibilities are not as splendid as in the past, as the Korean government is relied upon to reinforce related guidelines, he said.

Abroad organizations will have the option to discover more open doors in the country’s assembly area all things considered, as nearby firms accelerate digitizing their offices in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There will be more state-led projects as well that aim to transform local infrastructures, such as smart city and future mobility projects.”

One Asia Media, as well, is presently helping a US-based future portability startup, estimated at about $1 billion, to enter the neighborhood market, the CEO stated, without uncovering the customer’s name because of classification conditions.

This US-based startup, which US reports said has held absolute venture of almost 100 billion won up until now, is in conversations with South Korea’s biggest automaker Hyundai Motor Group, he added.

“I hope to introduce many foreign firms to South Korea and connect them with local firms to open up new business opportunities.”

Beside portability, increased and computer generated reality advances look encouraging here, he proceeded. The pandemic has established a climate where individuals can identify with AR/VR content, which many would have not experienced in any case.

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