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Editor’s Note: OneCoin has already been exposed as a global multi-level marketing Ponzi Scheme. Coin News does not encourage our readers any engagement with OneCoin. The interview below will be retained for reference purposes for posterity.

Onecoin uses the latest cryptographic technology and security standards, under One which focuses on South East Asian markets. Coin News had a chance to speak briefly with an independent distributor of Onecoin, Stefan Sjodin, to talk about this cryptocurrency.

Coin News: What is OneCoin? Can you tell us more on your involvement with it?

Stefan Sjodin: Onecoin has launched in the market very fast. It only takes a couple of months to get good incomes. The interest in bitcoin has been created. When I saw the potential in the future with cryptocurrencies, I started to wait for the right cryptocurrency to come. The challenge was, of course, many people were skeptical with cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, things get better and better as people understand Onecoin as the cryptocurrency for average people like you and me, not only for traders and IT Gurus! With Onecoin, you get a credit card (Master Card) connected to your Onecoin account, you can make withdrawals in any ATM machine, and you can use it as a form of payment everywhere where they accept Master Cards!

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CNA: What makes OneCoin different from other cryptocoins?

SS: Onecoin will make me and thousands of other users independent. We’re projecting to reach one million members and coin owners by the end of 2015. With Onecoin, we mine in pools with other members, and it’s fairly easy to mine together. There’s no need for additional hardware for our PCs. All it takes is just a few clicks.

CNA: How do you think cryptocurrencies will affect the Asian market in the future?

SS: I think Bitcoin will have some difficulties in staying as the leading cryptocurrency, with only 250.000 adopters. People own more than one bitcoin, and the anonomity brings more disadvantages than advantages. China is a big market for bitcoin and will continue to be so. Onecoin will gain approximately 175,000 coin owners in China a few months from now and that will affect China. Also, the rest of Asia have thousands of Onecoin owners already. Onecoin is at the 3rd place among cryptocurrencies worldwide, only after 7 month. Onecoin will be the leader in asia very soon when the trading starts at Xcoinx.

CNA: Do you think Onecoin will supersede bitcoin in the future?

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SS: Yes, I do. Bitcoin owners think they have all the rights reserved with cryptocurrencies. Many Bitcoin owners have a big fortune in their coins, and of course, they cherish Bitcoin future. Bitcoin will always be on the market, but not for common people because there are too few coins to be mined (21 million). Several new cryptocoins will pass bitcoin. Onecoin will be the first one.

CNA: Any Bitcoin price predictions?

SS: The value will fall slowly. Chinese owners should join Onecoin now. We’ll soon be the big money in trading!

CNA: Other thoughts?

SS: Yes! Get Onecoin as soon as you can. This is the best and most interesting cryptocoin at the moment and will be in the nearest future. It´s a coin for the common people like you and me. Internal trading starts on the 15th of June, and the public exchange will commence by the end of 2015. Onecoin has 31 billion coins to be mined. Don´t let the bank own you. Get cryptocoins now, but make a good choice. Onecoin is the only coin who has an audit company to check the Blockchain. This is very important!

CNA: Thank you very much, Stefan.

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