Swiftcoin: We AreTalking w/ Chinese VCs on Our Bitcoin Bonds

first-national-bnak-1550931Swiftcoin is a new cryptocurrency where transactions are encrypted and anonymous, and there is no central bank or authority to watch over transactions or users. The First National Bnak acts as an exchange, and Swiftcoin price guide. Coin News had the chance to converse swiftly with Daniel Bruno on this cryptocurrency.

Coin News: Hi Daniel, can you tell us how long did Swiftcoin come into fruition?

Daniel Bruno: We have more than one business. When I discovered bitcoin in 2010, I understood it immediately, and I knew it represented the future, it = digital currency, and not necessarily bitcoin itself. We started the Swiftcoin digital currency project in 2010 and the Bitcoin bond (Solidus bonds) in 2012. We also opened Cofres Bitcoin in Uruguay, South America, in 2014.  It is a Bitcoin swap point and safe deposit box facility, similar to a bank.

CNA: Can you tell us some specific challenges you’ve encountered mounting Swiftcoin?

DB: Too many to list!  The main challenge is that very few people understand digital currency.  Most people focus on BTC exchange rate swings, and even Bitcoin enthusiasts don’t understand economics. We have written about this at Swiftcointalk. However, I think our digital currency debt instruments are revolutionary; I have a patent for it. We think that the best is yet to come.

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CNA: What do you think is the status of bitcoin in the market now?

DB: I think that time is preventing it from becoming prominent and its volatility from becoming mainstream.


CNA: What can we expect from Swiftcoin in the future, especially for Asian markets?

DB: We are interested in helping Coin News be a success. We have a lot to say, and we are very interested in Asia. In China, we are talking to VCs about our Bitcoin bonds. We are also talking VCs in the USA. We have a very famous person ready to support us; everybody knows his name. Dealing with Asian markets depends on the countries themselves. For example, in the Philippines, the issue to tackle is remittances. In China, it is potential for speculation.

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CNA: That’s very nice to hear. What can you say about online gambling laws and cryptocurrency regulation?

DB: I think that digital currency is perfect for online gambling.

CNA: Do you think it is hypocritical when Bitcoin supporters who are critical of banks are also critical of altcoins?

DB: Absolutely. 98% of them don’t understand economics at all.  They are tech geeks with a narrow outlook. Although, I don’t think an altcoin will surpass bitcoin any time in the future.

CNA: Any Bitcoin price predictions?

DB: 100 USD

CNA: For Bitcoin beginners, what can you tell them to get them started?

DB: Get a wallet, and try it; don’t just talk about it. When people say bitcoin, they really mean digital currency. The popularity of DC will grow exponentially because the banking system is not serving the interest of most consumers around the world.  See our forum, and see the studies and papers we have published.

CNA: Thank you very much, Daniel.

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