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Thai immigration authorities have captured 24 Chinese nationals who were purportedly running a digital currency scam call center in Bangkok’s Rama III neighborhood.  As indicated by an official declaration on December 2, the Immigration Bureau of the Royal Thai Police captured 24 people and held onto 61 workstations, 424 cell phones and a few switches. The Immigration Bureau said the […]

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Payment and technology service provider Alchemy has just announced the launch of Hybrid Startup’s payment process, a platform that aims to connect cryptocurrencies. (Cryptocurrency) with retailers worldwide Alchemy’s cryptocurrency processes are integrated with Qfpay, a well-known third-party payment company which provides payment services for more than 1.2 million affiliated stores. Alchemy’s Point of Sale (PoS) has been used throughout Japan, […]

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As of late, Thailand’s driving digital currency trade Bitcoin Co. Ltd. ( shut down the majority of its exchanging activities. The trade declared its choice to stop exchanging on Sept. 2. Meanwhile,  with the goal to cross over any barrier between blockchain, cryptographic money administrations and non-tech clients Biktub needs to be the most trusted and simple to-utilize digital money […]

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Bitcoin Co. Ltd. (, Thailand’s driving bitcoin exchange, has reported the end of operations. In a September 2 declaration on its site, the trade said that it would cease its wallet and computerized trade administrations. The firm has not given any solid purposes behind the conclusion however has declared that it is concentrating on “different business openings.” This implies after […]

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The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission has approved four new crypto business operators to legally operate in the country.Reflecting a portion of Thailand’s neighboring nations, it has attempted an expert bitcoin viewpoint.  For DASH, appropriation has been taking off during the previous couple of months. There are currently 10,000 dynamic wallets in Latin America, which is an incredible achievement for […]

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The sumptuous treatment at NEXT BLOCK ASIA‘s “Beyond Crypto” engraved the gathering on the minds of participants forever. Simply finishing up at the W Bangkok Hotel in Bangkok Thailand, the Eastern European gathering pioneer NEXT BLOCK initiated in Asia by facilitating a worldwide cast of participants, speakers, and specialists with sponsorship from and TapJets with further help from Letgertech; […]

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Dash Thailand reported another association with Consentium, which gives a mingling and informing platform where people can move digital currencies between each other and reward network coordinators with cryptocurrency.  Consentium’s site says their chat feature allows users to regularly communicate with each other, create groups, join channels, send photos, files, audio messages, and even crypto transfers.” They additionally empower “texts […]

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On June 18, a Swedish man named Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson was captured by Thailand’s Central Investigation Bureau police for multi-million dollar misrepresentation on the Island of Koh Chang, Thailand. Being in Interpol Red Warrant Issued by US Authorities, Karlsson was blamed for conniving with 12 others to cheat a huge number of unfortunate victims by means of digital currency sites. […]

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North Korea could represent a danger to nations over Southeast Asia as it hopes to misuse digital currency trades because of loopholes in administrative systems. The exploration from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) finds that as North Korea keeps on dodging worldwide approvals. It’s directing its concentration toward cryptographic forms of money like bitcoin. Because of the nearness of […]

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Enthusiasm for digital currency is frequently interlinked with an passion for individual flexibility and a craving to shape the future to improve things. An ongoing case of this is a group of Bitcoin early adopters who are building a seasteading home off the shore of Thailand. A short video narrative discharged by the Seasteading Institute on its Youtube channel grandstands […]

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