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Bitcoin Press Release: Airdrop is the latest buzzword in the cryptocurrency market. There have been many debates and critical analysis discussing the pros and cons of the crypto airdrop, but the result is what matters the most. Today, airdrop is creating far-reaching ripples across the global markets of cryptocurrency and the reason is, that it comes free. You may have heard of airdrops before, but in regards to something else. Airdrops in cryptocurrency have a similar context, but this is more about gains and profits.

Airdrop is a practice that takes place during an ICO, Initial Coin Offering. To understand what an airdrop is, you will need a complete understanding of ICOs. An ICO, just as an Initial Public Offering, is an event, to engage investors in any given company’s upcoming project. Now, the question may be, why would anyone invest in a project all of a sudden? What if the services are not useful enough for the masses? Let’s be sure that ICOs are conducted by only blockchain-enabled companies and their investors are mostly industry-specific, such as business holders, developers, digital content specialist, real estate tycoons, and the like.

Things about ICO

ICOs are held in two main stages – pre-ICO sale and main ICO sale. To understand the difference between the two, one has to go through the ICO’s token sale details including token prices, hard capitalization, soft capitalization, bounties, and bonuses. Except for the token price, the rest of the underlying elements of ICO keep changing as the phases change. The pre-ICO sale is always advisable as it usually holds higher bounties and bonuses.

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But how can you access the highest bounties? This is where, we’ll learn how airdrops differ from the rest of the ICO rewards. A participant is endowed with bounty only when he or she has done something additional for the given blockchain platform. For example, if a participant happens to test out a bug or issue that could possibly hamper the ecosystem of the given blockchain, bounties are then offered to that participant.

How airdrop differs

While both airdrops and bounties are ICO rewards, airdrop differs slightly. Airdrop is a practice in which free tokens are distributed through a particular process and to the holders of cryptocurrencies. How an airdrop works depends upon many conditions and one of them is if it has already been announced or come as a surprise. Many crypto enterprises, planning to bootstrap their blockchain project mostly prefer airdrops. If the airdrop date is predetermined, typically post ICO, early comers to the project receive will free tokens. Before the airdrop, the project’s early adopters have to register and complete one or two tasks. These tasks may include social media posts and referrals.

For existing renowned cryptocurrency exchange platforms and coins, airdrops are typically a surprise. If any participant does not happen to be one belonging with internal developers for the companies, chances are there to know about the airdrop beforehand. Once the date is determined, crypto tokens airdrop are directed straight into the wallets of the participants.

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Why would anyone consider investing in cryptocurrency?

  • Bootstrapping a new cryptocurrency and spreading awareness.
  • Showing and offering loyalty rewards to customers.
  • Getting your hands on a valuable leading database.

Instructions on how to participate in airdrops

  • Subscribe to the monitoring services of crypto airdrops.
  • Get a suitable wallet for yourself, and you are done!

Which crypto airdrops are making the most of their conduct and promise?

  • Cappasity
  • Cryptyk
  • Realista
  • Lendo
  • ALAX
  • BTU Protocol
  • Mosaic
  • 1World second airdrop
  • Developeo
  • Safein
  • Tron by Huobi


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Who wouldn’t want free tokens? When this opportunity comes with little or no terms and conditions, it does become more than just a little exciting. Airdrops offered by the above-mentioned blockchain companies have been performing successfully in the market, with more and more investors getting involved.

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