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blockchain-professional-2191110The market tries to face up to the challenge. Students have invaded blockchain courses on online platforms and get a hustle on adding their fresh blockchain skills to the CVs. The demand for blockchain lessons at Udemy soared comparing with last year by 978%, while B9lab research and learning blockchain center kept track of a surge of interest in recent months. In the USA, universities add blockchain technology lessons into degree course scheme. This year the University of Edinburgh plans to become one of the first big European universities to launch a blockchain course. Stanford University launched a Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies course two years ago. A similar course is offered by the University of California, Berkeley, and another is in the works at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The zest for such experts is taken not only by startups, but also by Asian, European, and global corporations — Fujitsu, Toyota, Intel, Santander, UBS, Barclays, AT&T, Accenture and many others. But the most significant for the industry is the financial companies’ professional interest. Anton Dzyatkovski, the founder of the MicroMoney’s fintech company, preparing to launch token sale soon, comments: “Banks and fintech projects start to hire blockchain experts, which means the acknowledgment of cryptocurrency importance in digital economics. That’s why in the upcoming 4-6 quarters the volume of recruitment and hence of demand will increase”.

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In the financial industry, the necessary requirements become more solid. Thus, not only ‘standard’ coding languages skills, corresponding to the codebase of a certain project, are required, but also cryptography, cloud infrastructure, distributed database, machine learning, Solidity, etc. Plus one has to be skilled to work in the financial area, e.g., encryption, valuable security, payment processing and other processes alike. It becomes important for marketing managers and PR-experts to speak the banking language, to be familiar with terminology and audience.

For the present, companies cover demand in the traditional way — they head-hunting experts from existing projects, call to editors and journalists of the relevant subjects in media, use social networks, meetups and Telegram channels, and even re-educate their teams.  For example businesses engage someone like a PHP developer with a 5-10 years of experience and teach him or her to code with Solidity.

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The experienced developers learn much faster. They have to. Because we can see with our own eyes the way blockchain is transforming from a narrow technological niche to a promising and flourishing market. And, of course, with a temporary talent shortage.

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