The Man with the Cap Moves to Coin News – Coin News

tmwtc-3121575Due to the high demand in bringing the best cryptocurrency news, interviews, and info out there, Bitcoin evangelist, Jay-R Gatdula (a.k.a. The Man with the Cap), has signed with Coin News as its Business Development Manager and will feature his future works for the site. After working as a consultant for three months, the Filipino entrepreneur has gotten a substantial amount of Bitcoin traffic and has decided that Coin News is the proper platform for his future pursuits.

The Blogger blog has featured well-defined interviews from key people in the industry like Igor Chepkasov of the Crypto Currencies Foundation Russia, Rick Mac Gillis of Bit API Hub, Travis Patron of Diginomics, Daniel Greene of Corona Dapp, and Alan Yong, founder of DNotes among others.

These are new times for Coin News, and there’s a lot more to cover. Now that The Man with the Cap moves to Coin News, great things can be expected. This is just the beginning!

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