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Bitcoin Press Release: The rental market in the USA is growing rapidly. Each year more than 40 million flats and houses are rented all over the country. Rental housing is the only opportunity to start an independent life for many young families. And do not forget about those who come to the USA to work or study – rental housing for them is an urgent necessity.

However, long-term rent have not changed for a long time. Both the property owners and tenants lost a lot of time and effort to make sure of each other’s good reputation. In the market intermediaries were making money, it was necessary to sign documents personally and an agreement concerning looking at the apartment came in telephone mode. Not surprisingly, Rentberry, founded only in 2015, conquered this market with its digital solution quickly. The service, which saves time and effort in long-term renting, already operates in more than 3,600 USA cities.

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The goal was ambitious: all relations between the owner of the property and the tenant had to be carried out online, thus eliminating the necessity of intermediaries. This goal has been practically achieved by now. Owners of real estate can place offers online, making them available for a huge users’ base. Tenants make their offers on prices and terms of rent, and if both parties of the deal come to an agreement – then they conclude the contract with the help of an electronic signature. Now you do not need to sign paper documents or meet the owner of the property or intermediary personally. All this can be done online, as well as you can pay rent and security deposit online.

However, the usage of new technologies will make it possible for Rentberry to become not only an American, but also a world leader in the field of automation of long-term rental of housing. Technologies such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain and smart contracts, as well as an access to the premises using biometric data are used. The company’s own crypto-currency will be BERRY tokens, which will be used as a means of payment on the renewed platform. The usage of smart contracts will increase the degree of automation in the process, and the blockchain will allow creating a single register of market participants.

Visit the website, where you can learn more about the project and also buy BERRY tokens immediately. Cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Bitcoin are accepted for payment. Do not miss your chance to make a profitable
investment, BERRY tokens will be sold only until February 28.

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