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It is known, the investment process can eventually be destroyed by the initial coin offering (ICO) or ensuing token generation events.  The new business model existing it the world of blockchain technology changes traditional fundraising campaigns in the way of clarity, transparent success and safety. Producing of the held-for-trading tokens raises the capital in this process.

The peculiarity of ICO is founded on the idea of using the crypto tokens. The main two tokens types proving the services and products of ICO to the potential investors are the utility tokens (app coins) and equity tokens. In case of business success, the investors are able to get the money in cash or different coins in exchanges (e.g. ETH, BTC) by trading on the basic cryptocurrency exchanges.  The adventurous for an ICO is the perspective of capital growth that can provide further development of the project based on the blockchain.

ICO investing could be the best way to grow rich  

Throughout 2017 ICO became the most commercially successful and investment attractive way to get the capital for starting the business. Such ICO niches like gambling, finance, healthcare, E-learning are in great demand with investors.

As was said earlier, the substitution of traditional business models for new ones in the world of blockchain technologies brings advanced ways for project development, its fundraising, and realization. First of all, it is evenly necessary to spend the time on learning the rock-solid whitepaper and well-crafted website if the investor is interested in ICO investing. Full knowing of core ICO audience and the idea of ICO are also essential for starting investment.

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A grain of sand in the beach

The advent of plenty ICOs and new tokens with every week, the realization of them and understanding of possible sustained profit is like looking for a grain in the beach. That is why new investors should be aware of the main rules and regulations of ICO’s country. The investors have better chance to differentiate ICOs with wealth potential from scams if they fully understand the business environment.

Generally speaking, ICOs always try finding the right solution of the problem regarding startup based on blockchain. The secret of success lies in understanding the ICOs market subtle aspects, the suggestions and provided solutions.

The different ways for sports betting

After lots of tries to develop the newest blockchain PokerStars website, the sports betting remained untouched ICO sub-niche in the gambling industry. It is natural that players need the favorable and secure environment as much as the investors need the tidy gambling income. The ICO’s model simplifies the betting process and fundamentally changes the common gambling industry.

XWIN – the sports betting safe platform based on the blockchain

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XWIN is the betting sharing Ethereum platform based on the blockchain. The development of the crypto-bookmaker platform is the primary XWIN goal. Using the Ethereum smart contracts to ensure the transparency of transactions, XWIN breaks the online bookmaking industry and provides a comfortable environment for gaining income out of gambling for both investors and players. The XWIN investors get 20 percent commission out of company’s profit margin.  The 24/7 investment supervision, safe transactions, privacy policy, sustainability are included as additional perks.

The XWIN business model with margins from six to twenty percent per bet has promising income prospects. The funds are meant to be used for players’ and investors’ awarding as well as development and farther improvement of XWIN platform.

Disposition of funds: 25% guaranteed payments for players 20% maintenance and managing defrayment 35% promotion, PR and advertising, online/offline marketing

20% amount distributed among investors

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