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medcredits-7006094Bitcoin Press Release: Tim Enneking, Managing Director of Crypto Asset Management, joins MedCredits as a member of its Advisory Board to build the future of blockchain healthcare.

Mr. Enneking managed the world’s first Bitcoin fund in 2013, and is a leading voice in the blockchain sector with frequent contributions in Forbes, Bloomberg, Investopedia, CoinDesk and appearances on CNBC.

“I’ve gone back and forth with the MedCredits team since early 2017,” says Mr. Enneking. “This team knows blockchain. The founders have been in the blockchain and altcoin space for years now. With MedCredits, they have a very simple and practical vision. Decentralize telemedicine to give patients worldwide access to affordable medical care. With a 16-member team, including five US medical doctors, they have the know-how to make this happen.”

Mr. Enneking will lend his expertise in asset management, networking, financing and business development to MedCredits.

“Mr. Enneking will be a great asset to our team,” says James Todaro, MD and CEO of MedCredits. “People often don’t realize how many moving parts there are to launching an ICO and properly building a network. Tim will help with that. If he doesn’t know something, he will know the right people to make the process run smoothly.”

MedCredits has already completed development of the Alpha release of its first decentralized telemedicine app, Hippocrates, which runs on IPFS and the Ethereum blockchain.

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The Presale for the MEDX token launches in March 2018. For more information, please visit https://medcredits.io.

About MedCredits

MedCredits is the first decentralized healthcare platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide for medical services. By decentralizing medicine, MedCredits creates a free-market system providing more affordable and efficient healthcare than currently available. The first software release ‘Hippocrates’ is a user-friendly app released in December 2017 on the MedCredits platform connecting patients with skin ailments to dermatologists for fast diagnoses at a fraction of the cost.

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