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token-loyalty-ico-2905812Bitcoin Press Release: A lot of projects focus mainly on the technology, while forgetting what is most important in the dish — to enter a win-win relationship with the customer and sell the product. The Tokenloyalty team made a step further —  offering customers from the Tokenloyalty network to other projects, giving bot, merchants and customers benefits, while any merchant or customer may join the system.

Traditionally, loyalty programs reward customers in a closed network. To earn such points, which may be spent only in one network, customers are required to purchase goods or services of an identified supplier. Tokenloyalty wants to change this model giving a tool for merchants to enter the Tokenloyalty network and extend the network of the merchant. It is like an introduction of the bounty mechanism to loyalty programs. The Tokenloyalty team’s main idea was to grant customers with added value, based on goods and services of multiple merchants – founders of the project always say “Pay customers for the effort of being loyal.”

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The basis of decentralization created will be overlay of the system which will connect merchant needs with customers’ needs in the fields of:

Anonymity – Present loyalty applications are constructed on consumer’s identities. Customers’ data became a trade assets, which is not good for the customers. However, blockchain know-how permits for the gathering of this information with out essentially buying the person’s identification, therefore it ensures privacy. We call it win-win strategy.

Freedom – In classic loyalty programs, the merchants have absolute control over all the system, together with the factors, so if a customer participated in a loyalty program of one network, he or she must’ve had problems in the diversified structure of such programs. For example, points collected in one shop could not be utilized in another one. We want to change it, giving freedom for customers on what to do with their points. People will have ability to exchange points into goods and services or just exchange the token into other cryptocurrencies and cash-out by gateways in just one-click.

Constant Validity – Tokens will be always valid in difference to classic loyalty points that often are limited to a specified period of marketing campaign of a merchant.

Socialization – By being a member of the community, customers can work together with hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the globe.

Earning – Merchants will have ability to build engagement campaigns for customers, while for the effort, customers may be rewarded in form of LOYAL tokens. For merchants, this builds lead generation, while customers will have the real feeling of connection with the specified brand.

Token Loyalty ICO details:

Token name – LOYAL

Form of token sale: on Waves network, in DEX exchange (decentralized exchange built in into the wallet)

ICO begin date – 16th January 2018

ICO finish date – 29th January 2018

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