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Bitcoin Press Release: Headed by its CEO Takuya Hashiyada, Triple Dice Exchange has garnered a healthy user base over the past couple of weeks offering a next generation currency exchange to both Japanese and global markets. The Singapore-based exchange currently offers with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Startcoin, and Kind Dice Coin with plans of expanding to more coins in the future. Keep in mind that you can only engage in the trading process once you have enough funds on your account. As soon as your buy or ask order finds a match, the transaction will take place and will be completed as simple as that.

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The financial market offers endless investment opportunities, even for an average person. However, not everyone is adept or confident enough to begin investing their money, especially in the digital currency market. Cryptocurrency is becoming a new form of financial instrument. Since Triple Dice Exchange commendable start in the Bitcoin trading market, this brand has undergone major changes that helped propel its transformation into a cohesive Bitcoin exchange platform.

Triple Dice Exchange offers a user-friendly trading interface that is also optimized for mobile phones like the iOS devices. Therefore, bitcoiners who are always on the go can conveniently access the mobile exchange in the event they need to purchase more bitcoins and litecoins. Bitcoin adopters are in agreement with the need to have user-friendly transactions. Simple processes of buying and selling bitcoins as well as sending and receiving them are well appreciated by the community. However, there is a growing demand for a faster and safer method. These are reasons enough for the startup Triple Dice Exchange to find its niche and to excel in its craft. Check it out here:

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