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Bitcoin Press Release: WaykiChain, a leading blockchain startup in China, held a press conference in Shenzhen, Guangdong. CEO Gordon Gao, graduated from Columbia University, ex-leading data scientist in Wall Street and ex-senior data analyst of Alibaba Group, stated that in the long run, a real great company is to make itself diminish, especially in blockchain industry.

“The day when WaykiChain Co. ‘disappears’ will mark a tremendous success.” said CEO Gordon Gao.

“Disappear” Brings A Totally Decentralized, Community-driven Autonomous Blockchain Ecosystem.

“The future is a Blockchain 3.0 era, an era when blockchain may solve lots of social issues and will be widely adopted.” Gordon Gao said in his speech. Gao called for adoption beyond the crypto circle in his speaking, “The crypto circle is limited. If we really want to achieve sustained success, the solution is to go beyond the crypto circle to gain widespread adoption.”

“I want to make WaykiChain Co. ‘disappear’, of course, I don’t mean to fail but to weaken the predominant role of WaykiChain in the entire ecosystem, and eventually transforming to be one of the contributors. Our vision is to build a decentralized, community self-governance big platform and big ecosystem, and we are moving toward it.”

Facing the entry barrier of high education costs brought by kinds of characteristics of blockchain and the fact that the development of blockchain now is not enough to satisfy the need for large scale of dealing, WaykiChain is trying to overcome these hurdles and develop a hybrid structure which maintains the decentralized and irreversible characteristics of blockchain technology but improves the processing efficiency of the application.

Outrun Peers via Constant Breakthroughs.

It is important to remember that blockchain is still a nascent technology. Rules, laws and regulations are essential for an emerging industry to create long term values for the society. And there is no doubt that China plays an increasing role in blockchain industry. According to data released by South China Morning Post, July 17, 2018, China now has more than 4,000 blockchain-related firms.

WaykiChain is also expanding its overseas market. On May 31, 2018, WaykiChain held an event in South Korea, which showed its ambition to enter into the global market. “Global or die.” Gao said, globalization is the development trend for blockchain technology, if a company is limited in one country or area, it won’t make long.

WakiChain will continue to contribute to the development of blockchain as always.

Taking betting as an entry point, WaykiChain has accumulated a large number of users. To date, WaykiChain owns more than 520,000 followers on Weibo, 313,000 on telegram, 113,000 registered users on the official website, and more than 19,000 followers on overseas social platforms. Furthermore, it has been listed on 100+ exchanges. In the future, WaykiChain aims to engage in assets transaction and foreign exchange to build an entire ecosystem.

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WaykiChain, Making Blockchain Prediction Predominant.

WaykiChain, a technology innovation company focusing on underlying blockchain technology research and development and related operations, owns leading public chain for commercial applications in the industry. With high-performance transaction processing capabilities, efficient consensus mechanisms, a powerful smart contract engine, and improved blockchain-powered management capabilities, WaykiChain can provide major industries and critical verticals with blockchain infrastructure services and industry-level solutions.

WaykiChain is a Turing complete smart contract platform adopting DPoS consensus mechanism. In May 2018, WaykiChain launched its mainnet and released DApp run on it at the same time. For now, sports guessing, events guessing and entertainment guessing are the primary businesses.

Know More About Waykichain:

Official Website: http://www.waykichain.com/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/wayki_chain

Official Telegram: https://t.me/wiccofficial

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waykichainofficial

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