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Weathbet is a new Bitcoin betting site with a different style. Coin News had the brief chance to speak with a representative to share a little bit about this Bitcoin gaming site.

Coin News: Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a journey– what led you to be interested in Bitcoin?

Weathbet: Everyone talks about reading the white paper and being inspired. We are no different as became disillusioned when the financial markets collapsed. Bitcoin has shown there is a better way and allows a fairer and more public monetary system we feel passionately about.

CNA: How long did it take you to launch Weathbet?

W: We are relatively new, the development and setup has taken a team of people over 6 months. There have been many challenges, especially around time to dedicate to the project and funding but we now have a team focused on marketing and promoting the site.

CNA: What can you say is the best thing about your Bitcoin betting sites in comparison with other crypto-related betting sites?

W: Our site is different. We do not know of any other sites who offer weather betting or only in a small and limited format. The range of options and style make it a truly unique betting experience. It is our own custom built platform.

CNA: Can you share some latest innovations with your brand?

W: The biggest one is our whole concept of weather betting. We believe to be unique in the betting market place. With the addition of 5000 weather stations around the world almost every major city is included.

CNA: What significant bonuses do you offer your players that are superior to the offerings of other Bitcoin betting sites?

W: We have a new affiliate program, you can earn a percentage of earnings from everyone you refer via your affiliate.

CNA: What are the key differences of the experience with Bitcoin casino and a land-based casino?

W: With bitcoin, it’s always on, no opening hours to worry about, and we also accept Litecoin and Dogecoin.

CNA: What can we expect from your venture in the near future?

W: We plan to grow the site and make it more successful, currently we are just starting out so watch this space.

CNA: What do you think is preventing bitcoin from going mainstream?

W: Understanding of what bitcoin is, the double spend issue and forking.

CNA: Have you set sights on the Asian market in particular?

W: We cover all markets but are most excited by the Asian region. The respect that betting sites have within Asia means we are keen to welcome more customers from the region and only hope to grow in partnerships with our new players.

CNA: What have been the greatest accomplishments or the best times you have had while operating Weathbet since its inception?

W: Our launch day has to be the biggest achievement for us, from bringing a concept to reality have been a fantastic roller coaster ride.

CNA: What can you say about online gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality and regulation?

W: This really depends on the region and where you are located. We support less controls rather than strict regulation.

CNA: And our favorite: do you have a Bitcoin price prediction?

W: We predict mid next year to look over $1000 USD again.

CNA: Finally, for those who don’t get Bitcoin, do you have any suggestions?

W: Read, research, and give it a try! Do not be afraid of new things. Please come and try our site, we are open to suggestions from our players.

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