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initial-coin-offering-8026080So why is an ICO so popular? There are other ways that developers can get their hands on money in order to launch a new project, yet the majority only seem to want to do this through an initial coin offering. Well there are many benefits to this, the main one being that no one else takes any stakes of the business. Instead of selling off shares of the project, people are paid back in tokens. The tokens could have value in the future, but it doesn’t take away any part of the project, and this is exactly what the developers want.

ICO’s are already in place for 2017 with many more ventures set up ready to be invested in. Some of these include Dinardirham, which used the most current and up to date technology to ensure the ultimate security and functioning. The company plans to supply both digital and physical gold, forex and metal solutions. This is looking to be a very successful venture with many people looking to invest in it.

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Other companies include Chronobank, a platform hat is looking to disrupt the HR and recruitment business much like Uber disrupted the taxi business. The end goals are to completely change the way that people find work and then get rewarded for the work that they do. Adbit is a blockchain based ad broker which uses bitcoins and Anoon for real time clearing of payments between advertisers and publishers.

This is just a few of the projects that have been set up and are ready to be funded by an ICO, but more are being created all the time. As you can see, each are so different from each other, yet the same principle applies throughout, it just depends on what sort of thing the investment company wants to spend their money on. Every project is led by a project leader who will continue to create ideas until digital currencies are much more well-known and widely used than they currently are today.

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