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Sure enough you’ve heard that Bitcoin price have jumped 5 times during the last 12 months, and its closest rival Litecoin has become 6 times more expensive. The market is bubbling. The cryptocurrency boom is discussed at every kitchen.

As the digital currency pushes on both in terms of the price and its relevance on the global level, many are wondering when the big-scale user acquisition will begin. If you fail to launch cryptocurrency trade right now – you will practically make the choice in favor of feature phone instead of smartphone. One day Nokia already made such mistake and paid heavy price. Don’t step on the same rake.

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B2Broker doesn’t stand still. It always keeps an ear to the ground. And that’s the reason the company has made a decision to launch crypto liquidity, when the whole world is talking about Bitcoin and its “brothers in trade.”

Now brokers and traders will have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency with a help of B2Broker. Most providers offer you the limited number of cryptocurrencies to trade. Usually it’s about 2-3 assets. But B2Broker will provide liquidity for five key cryptocurrencies with leverage of 1 to 3. Keep in mind that the less popular is an asset, the larger the growth potential it has. If you understand that, you will appreciate such a wide range of crypto assets at B2Broker.

Now, the same changes are not as tangible because they do not impact a large group of people. But, when the same group becomes more numerous, the fallout of trading effects can be a lot more pronounced. Today, bitcoin has greatly changed its reputation from something fringe to something very interesting, but also volatile.

The crypto liquidity will be available both in MT4 and MT5 for all the brokers and thousands of traders working with B2Broker. Now any broker, trader, or investor may get the liquidity and start the trade via MT4/MT5 and FIX API.

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