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bitcoin-foundation-8104217The lack of resources seems to be a real problem these days, and the Bitcoin Foundation may need a little more juice to move forward. According to Bruce Fenton, executive director at the Bitcoin Foundation,

“We need additional funds if we wish to retain employees.”

In any case, as the Bitcoin Foundation battles to stay above water, the news in the bitcoin community most likely shows why. With its unpredictable value and notoriety are difficult to shake and a perpetually changing worth for a coin that is not bolstered by the U.S. government, there’s a lot of bitcoin doubters out there. The conclusion and insolvency of such a large number of bitcoin trades, including the scandalous Mt. Gox breakdown, hasn’t helped its purpose.

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The Bitcoin Foundation has turned into an image of the difficulties confronting the advanced resource it was intended to steward. While advocates have advanced bitcoin as a worldwide, decentralized money for the new age, it’s ended up being more unpredictable than numerous penny stocks. Its part in IRS evasion and other illicit action is a steady wellspring of inquiries, and the cost vacillates with each administrative clampdown or criminal examination.

In an email with Bloomberg, Gavin Andresen, chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation stated,

“It is very difficult to regain trust once trust has been lost, and the illegal behavior of two of the foundation’s former board members destroyed a lot of trust.”

Bobby Lee, on the other hand, is determined to revive his organisation. He states,

“Despite the recent negativity about the Bitcoin Foundation, there are still many people who believe in the need for a global non-profit platform that advocates for bitcoin.”

With Litecoin doing slightly better, engineers set focuses on making the year 2016 the year of Litecoin. They plan to bolster sidechains, guaranteeing classification of exchanges and offering moment exchanges on account of the Lightning system. In addition, it is wonderful to see that the Litecoin Foundation is all around composed and works more effectively and agreeably than the Bitcoin Foundation.

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