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writer2-7869268It is not a question – we’re on our way up. However, like any other honest venture out there, we require a great deal of help. We are very grateful to our partners and countless C-level executives who continue to give their support in many ways.

Coin News is now a leading online portal offering the latest Bitcoin news and trends as well as the fundamental ideas in the cryptocurrency industry. With our mission, it is important to ensure that we are constantly delivering fresh, updated insights and services to the online community. Therefore, as we aim to deliver better services, we see it fit to expand and look for talented individuals to join our team.

Now, we are looking for journalists and writers who can publish unique content to Coin News. If you are an entrepreneur looking for brand exposure, an advocate of cryptocurrency, an early adopter with lots of valuable insight, an online gaming expert, or simply a Bitcoin journalist, you’re in luck. We accept articles written that pass the following criteria:

  • Contain 500 words or more.
  • Of sound, comprensible, and top-notch quality.
  • Contain very minimal grammatical lapses.
  • Relevant to the cryptocurrency industry. (Asian coverages will be given more consideration.)
  • Not promotional of any company, entity, or service of any kind.
  • Can be opinions, analysis, and in-depth reviews.

You can submit your articles using the form below:

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