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Bitcoin Press Release: The absolutely new technology becoming popular in the world of cryptocurrencies, and making its own huge impact on it is called Blockchain.

As much as the Internet was the complete transformer of entertainment, media, government, technology, investments, hospitality, energy, sports media and many more fields since the 90’s, the Blockchain became the decentralized technology allowing the secure exchange of digital tokens and essentially disrupting the main industries in a virtual way. That is why there is nothing strange in the fact that mainly every company is aimed to use this new technology in the core mechanism and integrate it into their services and products.

The technology of Blockchain is popular in the most known industries. In the sphere of banking, it is used for facilitating the instant money transactions across the world. Talking about health services, the secure blockchain network is used for storing the medical history and insurance records of patients. It gives the opportunity of easy global access to these documents when needed. The list is endless.

XWIN, a transparent betting platform for sporting and other events, is targeted to revolutionize the world of online betting with help of Blockchain technology.

Bookmaking Upward Tendency 

Analyzing the previous years, it is obvious that the consumers’ interest in sports betting deepens with every minute. In spite the fact, that betting became pretty accessible, it continues to be more popular. Following the 2016 and 2017, we can see over 48% of all online gambling coming from betting alone. If such upward tendency is still actual, much more money is expected to be earned. In 2020 the revenues of total sports betting field can reach $1.4 billion.

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Unfortunately, the future online is pretty successful, some risks still exist. The lack of transparency can be the reason for fraud activity. The heavy fees, outages, technical glitches, network delays became disadvantageous for the betting experience.

XWIN is a breath of fresh air in the world of bookmaking.

The Online Betting Future Comes with XWIN

XWIN is a completely transparent blockchain-based betting platform for sporting and other events. With help of a talented team of real professionals in the fields of business and sports, XWIN breaks the online bookmaking industry, simplifies the process of sports betting, and provides both investors and players with a comfortable gambling environment for gaining income out of it.

XWIN uses the decentralized smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain. It means that the terms of every bet are automatically executed, all games, bets, and results on the XWIN platform are stored in the Ethereum blockchain. The XWIN customers are void of delays and technical flaws caused by intermediary services, embezzlement, tampering, and guaranteed with the instant payouts. Betters are able to monitor and check their betting activity independently on their location. With complete safe of data, the user can be absolutely sure that their money is in safe.

XWIN extremely simplifies the long and complicated registration processes, eliminates the account lockouts caused by frequent wins or arbitrages, makes cross-border betting possible, and guarantees the activity privacy and confidentiality.

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The Low-Risk Investment with Online Betting

The mission of XWIN project is to ease investing in the bookmaking industry. With help of revenue sharing business model, the XWIN investors gain 20% of platform’s income and get rewarded with a steady cash flow. It does not require any management or monitoring efforts on their part.

The full financial transparency, 24/7 investment supervision, efficient commissions, safe transactions, privacy policy, autonomously managed funds sustainability, unprecedented security – the list of XWIN perks is endless. That is why XWIN platform became interesting for South Korea and Japan investors who are into the blockchain based start-ups with low risk and high income.

In 2018 more than 8000 community members have a desire to make betting on sports with help of XWIN platform!

ICO campaign

Throughout 2017, ICOs became the most commercially successful and investment attractive way to get the capital for starting the business. The official ICO started on 1st of January and will be up to 30th of January. It gives investors the opportunity to get the additional +5% bonus for tokens purchase. The value of one XWIN token is 0.00475 ETH until Jan.26. What is more, the XWIN tokens are available for sale and trade.

Hurry up to become a number one in the crypto bookmaking industry with XWIN CryptoBet!

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